Wednesday Workout: Team Chipper

Congratulations go out to Dominique who took 3rd Place at the “Queen of the Solstice – Ladies Lift Here StrongWoman Competition” this past weekend!  She competed in the Masters Division, which was a mixed weight class division.  She was the only light weight among heavy and super heavy weight competitors!  She also set a record for Light Weight Masters in the log (clean and press) at 135#.  Her performance in this weekend’s competition qualified her for Women’s Pro Worlds 2016 and USS Nationals 2017 (both in Masters Division).  Congrats, Dominique!

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Level 1

In Teams of 2, Complete the Following For Time:

  • Run x 800m as a relay (100m increments in parking lot)
  • Air Squat x 200
  • Abmat Sit-up x 150
  • Russian Kettlebell Swing x 100
  • Ring Row x 50

*Each Minute On the Minute: 3 Burpees

Level 2

In Teams of 2, Complete the Following For Time:

  • Run x 800m (together)
  • Air Squat x 300
  • Abmat Sit-up x 200
  • Kettlebell Swing (53/35) x 100
  • Pull-up x 50

*Each Minute On the Minute: 3 Burpees (only when working in the gym)

Notes: Only one person working at a time (except for run). Teams only need to complete 3 total burpees each minute (can alternate with partner, or one person does one minute and other person does the next minute).  35 Minute Time Cap.


  1. Ladies Night – WOD and Wine: July 22
  2. Yoga for CrossFit and Recovery with Leslie: July 24
The Shirts are in!  If you pre-ordered a shirt, we will set them aside so you can pick them up this week. Please let Scott know if you cannot pick your shirt up so we can hold it for longer if necessary.  If you did not pre-order a shirt, we should have plenty of extras available for purchase!  Thanks!
There is no 545PM regular CrossFit class on Friday – we are hosting our Ladies Night during this time!

5 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: Team Chipper

  1. 21:32
    (800m row, 1/2 reps of everything, 3 burpees to parallettes every other minute)

  2. 23:53 solo (half reps rest rx)

  3. 23:20 rx w/ Samantha

  4. 20:26 with Nick

  5. 20:45 with Brice

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