Friday Workout: DL, AMRAP 15

There is no 545PM regular CrossFit class today – we are hosting our Ladies Night – WOD and WINE!
YOGA at 1230PM this Sunday!  RSVP Here



OTM 5: Deadlift x 5 (around 70%, same weight for all sets)

Notes: If you are unable to maintain perfect reps throughout the EMOM, drop the weight.  All reps should be touch and go each set.


Level 1


  • Row x 500m or Run x 400m
  • V-Up x 15
  • Wall Ball (12/6) to 9′ x 30

Level 2


  • Row x 500m or Run x 400m
  • Toe to Bar x 15
  • Wall Ball (20/14) to 10′ x 30


  1. Ladies Night – WOD and Wine: July 22
  2. Yoga for CrossFit and Recovery with Leslie: July 24

1 thought on “Friday Workout: DL, AMRAP 15

  1. DL: 175#
    Wod: 2+350m

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