Tuesday Workout: Push/Pull, 21-15-9



A. 4 sets of 6 Weighted Pull-ups
B. 4 sets of 6 Weighted Dips (parallettes on box)


Muscle Up Work: OTM 10 – 2-3 Muscle Ups (scale reps as needed)

Notes: Do all the weighted pull-ups, and then all of the weighted dips.  Rest about 90 seconds between sets or as needed.  If you have muscle ups, use today as an opportunity to work on muscle ups – either working through the work listed above or just working on the skill.


Level 1

15-12-9 Reps of Each for Time:

  • Row (Calories)
  • Push Press (75/55)
  • V-Up

Level 2

21-15-9 Reps of Each for Time:

  • Row (Calories)
  • Shoulder to Overhead (135/95)
  • Toe to Bar

EXTRA WORK (in lower room, on your own)

Dumbbell Z-Press, 3 sets of 10 reps

7 Comments on “Tuesday Workout: Push/Pull, 21-15-9

  1. BW for pull ups (sets of 5)
    BW w/ toe touches for dips
    WOD: 9:21 @95#, 20# V-Ups

  2. No pullups, dip on box w/ slight toe touch
    Wod: 14:07 @85# (and 1 barbell slam to the chin)

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