Monday Workout: Thruster, AMRAP

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Build to a 3RM Thruster in 10 Minutes (from the floor)


Level 1


Max Rep Dumbbell Squat Clean Thrusters*

Level 2


Max Rep Squat Clean Thrusters (115 / 80)*

*At the top of every minute including the start, do 7 for men and 4 for women chest to bar pull-ups.  For L1, scale as needed (i.e. chin over bar pull-ups, inverted ring rows, etc.).  So, with the clock counting down, do chest to bar pull-ups at 6:00, 5:00, 4:00, 3:00, 2:00, and 1:00.  Score is total number of thrusters.  WE WILL RUN THIS WORKOUT IN HEATS IF NECESSARY.

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4 thoughts on “Monday Workout: Thruster, AMRAP

  1. Thruster: 135# x2.5 reps (couldn’t quite lock out the 3rd)
    WOD: 20 reps (regular pull ups)
    7 reps fewer, but 20# heavier than 2/2015

  2. Thruster: cut it at 80# (hips weren’t feeling it)
    WOD: 28 @ 65#, reg. PUs

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