Monday Workout: Test WOD, Guardians’ Gauntlet Info

Not sure what the Guardians’ Gauntlet is all about?  The following is from their event page, and has all of the information you need as well as details on how to register!

The Albemarle County Police Foundation is proud to announce the first annual Guardians’ Gauntlet 5K Obstacle Challenge. This course will be designed as an inclusive event with 15 -17 various obstacles that will challenge you athletically while you work with teammates or other racers to successfully complete the course. There will be something for everyone. We will have a competitive wave start first, followed by multiple waves of individuals and teams. You will also find some of our ACPD Officers participating or providing help at various obstacles. In fact, some of our obstacles will emulate officer training scenarios. This day is meant for the family to come out to share in the event, cheer each other on and meet some of the Officers who protect our community everyday. There will be live music and much more for those attending to support participants. In our inaugural year, the minimum age to race will be 18. We look forward to growing this event with your support! Please sign up on your own or encourage your friends and co-workers to join you on a team! We look forward to seeing you out there “Supporting those who protect us.”


We are going to be changing up the programming for the next 5 weeks to get better prepared for this race.  And even if you are unable to participate in the race this will be a good opportunity to make favorable adaptations in your training by switching up the focus. There will still be plenty of focused strength work, but with a bias towards more cardiovascular endurance and short sprint intervals.


Level 1

Complete the Following for Time:

  • Run x 800m
  • Hang Power Snatch x 20
  • Row x 1000m
  • Hang Power Clean + Jerk x 20
  • Run x 400m

Level 2

Complete the Following for Time:

  • Run x 1 Mile
  • Power Snatch (135/95) x 25
  • Row x 1500m
  • Power Clean and Jerk (135/95) x 25
  • Run x 400m

Notes: We will start staggered if there are not enough rowers for everyone in the class.  Choose weight on barbell movements that allows you to move in small touch and go sets or quick singles. No dropping bar loaded with only 10# plates.


9 thoughts on “Monday Workout: Test WOD, Guardians’ Gauntlet Info

  1. 28:13 @ 75#

  2. 28:34 @ 60#
    Row 2000, Row 1500, Run 400

  3. 23:02 (1200, 1000, 500m rows, 55#)

  4. 23:45 rx (swapped order of run/snatch and row/clean

  5. 26:55rx row/snatch, run/clean (serious post-vacation-wanna-give-up blues)

    1. I’m pretty sure I’m going to have a lot of those tomorrow

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