Wednesday Workout: Snatch EMOM, Row Sprint



20 Minute EMOM: Power Snatch + Full Snatch + Overhead Squat

*Scale to Hang Power Snatch x 2 + Overhead Squat (or Overhead Lunge on each side)


  • Row x 250m
  • Rest 2 Minutes
  • Row x 250m

Record time for each 250m interval


3 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: Snatch EMOM, Row Sprint

  1. 55#x5, rest at 60#
    51s, 52s

  2. 95-125

  3. Snatch Complex: 40kg for 1-10, 45kg for 11-19, 47kg for last set (103.6#)
    Sprints: 50.8, 50.3

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