Tuesday Workout: Team Chipper

Lots of stuff going on this upcoming month – check the Announcements at the bottom of this post to see what’s going on!



Level 1

In Teams of 2, Complete the Following for Time:

  • Row x 2000m
  • Jump Rope Single x 300
  • Dumbbell Push Press x 40
  • Ring Row x 50
  • Push-up Hands Elevated x 60
  • Wall Ball (12/6) x 70
  • Run x 400m

Level 2

In Teams of 2, Complete the Following for Time:

  • Row x 2000m
  • Double Under x 300
  • Handstand Push-up x 40
  • Chest to Bar Pull-up x 50
  • Push-up x 60
  • Wall Ball (20/14) x 70
  • Partner Carry (or sandbag carry) x 400m*

*If teams choose to do partner carry, do 4x 100m laps in parking lot.  Both partners complete the run together, but one person working at a time on everything else.


  • September 5: LABOR DAY SCHEDULE – One class only at 10AM. Stick around after the workout for a grill-out at the gym!  RSVP Here if you’re coming.
  • September 9: Join us for the last Fridays After Five of the summer!  RSVP Here
  • September 10 – Guardians’ Gauntlet 5k Fundraiser!  Register/Donate
  • September 17 – UPLIFT starts!  For info on how to register, look HERE. 5 Spots left currently!

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Workout: Team Chipper

  1. 22:50 w/Kate

  2. 24:4? with Emma. And no, I did not do my job but thank you, Emma! Thanks for teaming with me!

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