Thursday Workout: Clean and Jerk, Row Intervals



Clean and Jerk, build to a heavy double in 10 minutes


10 Rounds:

  • 30 Seconds Work: Row for Max Calories
  • 60 Seconds Rest

Share rowers as needed. If possible, reset monitor after each round. Score is total calorie count at the end of 10 rounds.


  • September 9: Join us for the last Fridays After Five of the summer!  RSVP Here
  • September 10: Guardians’ Gauntlet 5k Fundraiser!  Register/Donate!
  • September 25: Yoga!  See the Event Here.

3 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: Clean and Jerk, Row Intervals

  1. Strength: 5×5 BS 100#
    WOD: 45 (5 rounds)

  2. C&J – 140#
    WOD: 113 Calories

  3. 145# (cranky shoulder)

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