Friday Workout: AMRAP 15

Tomorrow is the Guardians’ Gauntlet 5k Obstacle Course Race!  If you are registered for the race, take today as a rest day. Good luck to everyone completing the fundraiser race!



Level 1


  • Run x 250m
  • Air Squat x 20
  • Push-up Hands Elevated x 20
  • Hang Power Clean x 10

Level 2


  • Run x 400m
  • Air Squat x 30
  • Push-up x 30
  • Power Clean (155/105) x 10


  • September 9: Join us for the last Fridays After Five of the summer!  RSVP Here
  • September 10: Guardians’ Gauntlet 5k Fundraiser!  Register/Donate!
  • September 23: Ladies Night WOD and WINE! RSVP Here
  • September 25: Yoga!  See the Event Here.

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