Friday Workout: Deadlift, AMRAP, UPLIFT! Announcement

UPLIFT! starts this Saturday. Note to all gym members working out on Saturdays: the lower room will not be open for the next 6 weeks until 1030AM. The schedule will remain the same for make-up classes and strength, but UPLIFT has the room from 9-1030AM. We are excited for the program to start!



Deadlift, 5 sets of 3 Reps

*Start moderate, and work up to a challenging set of 3 reps


Level 1


  • Burpee x 10
  • Ring Row x 10
  • Jump Rope Single x 100
  • Run x 400m

Level 2


  • Burpee Pull-up x 10
  • Double Under x 50
  • Run x 400m

*For burpee pull-up, pull-up bar should be 6-8″ above reach. You can jump up and catch in bent-arm position to finish each rep. Scale height of pull-up bar as needed so you can perform standard jumping pull-ups if necessary, or do 10 burpees plus 10 ring rows.


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