Monday Workout: Clean, Front Squat, Info on 445/545 Classes

Hey everyone!  Today we are inviting the folks at Airrosti (our good friends, Dr. Jacob “Getty” Goedken and Vincent Nolasco) to guide us through some important mobility work during the 445pm and 545pm classes.  The focus is going to be on front rack mobility as it applies to the clean and front squat, so the programming for the day follows along with that theme.  We will address these issues in each class, but you will get their expertise and guidance at the 445 and 545pm classes.  If you are planning to come to the 445 or 545pm class, please register at one of the links below and sign in to the class.  These classes are going to be capped at 20 participants (there will be an additional trainer on hand), so please register ahead of time in Front Desk!  The additional links for Airrosti are located here:



Build to a heavy squat clean in 10 minutes (not a max)


“Death by Front Squats” with 135#/95# – starting at 3 reps and adding 3 each minute

Notes: Perform 3 Front Squat to start (taking bar from floor, can squat clean first rep), then every minute add 3 more reps. The workout is over when you cannot complete the allotted number of front squats in that minute. Score is completed round + any additional reps (i.e. if I finish round of 12 and get 10 reps into the round of 15, my score is 12+10.  Scale weight as needed, or do challenging Goblet Squat as a sub for front squat.

EXTRA WORK (on your own)

3 sets of 1-4 Strict Pull-up/Push-up Ladder

*Do 1 strict pull-up, 1 push-up, then 2 and 2, 3 and 3, 4 and 4, then start back at 1 for a total of 3 rounds.  Scale pull-ups to ring rows today at 2111 Tempo (i.e. lower for 2 seconds, 1 second pause at the bottom, 1 second to go up, 1 second pause at the top).  Scale push-ups to hands elevated if needed.  Why?  Read here.


  • Today! Dr. “Getty” Goedken and Vincent from Airrosti will be taking over the 445 and 545PM classes to talk about mobility and help the coach take the class through a series of exercises to get prepped for a WOD.  If you plan on coming to the 445 or 545pm classes, please sign up at the links here:
  • October 2: At 3pm on Sunday we will kick-off the Nutrition Challenge with an informational session at the gym. If you are planning to participate, you must read this post!

1 thought on “Monday Workout: Clean, Front Squat, Info on 445/545 Classes

  1. Clean: 155# kept failing 165# in the bottom catch, probably need to work on some mobility 😛
    WOD: 15 + 3 @115#

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