Wednesday Workout: HS Skill Work, AMRAP

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Handstand Skill Work

Spend 5-10 Minutes on Either Skill Option Prior to Strength Work (options listed in order of difficulty)

  • Option A: 3 sets of 30-45 second Front Leaning Rest (on rings or paralletes)
  • Option B: 3 sets of 10-30 second Handstand Hold (belly to wall)
  • Option C: 3 sets of 10-20 shoulder taps in handstand against wall (belly to wall)
  • Option D: 3 Sets of max effort freestanding hs hold (if you have a 10+ second hold)

Notes: Build off of skill work from last week


Level 1


  • Row x 20 Cals
  • Push-up hands elevated x 20
  • Hang Dumbbell Snatch x 20 (10/side)
  • Run x 250m

Level 2


  • Row x 25 Cals
  • Push-up x 25
  • Alternating Dumbbell Snatch (55/35) x 20 (10/side)
  • Run x 400m

*start staggered if there aren’t enough rowers, or one person start with run and other person start with row.


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  1. October 9 at 10am: Park WOD!
  2. October 16 at 12:30pm: Lunch at BBQ Exchange and Corn Maze!
  3. October 22 at 9am: UPLIFT final class celebration and brunch (women only)
  4. October 23 at 12:30pm: Yoga for recovery at the gym
  5. October 29: Halloween Bar Crawl

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: HS Skill Work, AMRAP

  1. HS holds
    Wod: 2+281m (bike 25 cal, 500m row rest rx)

  2. 3 + 28 w/ 30# db

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