Wednesday Workout: Team WOD



In Teams of 2:


P1: Run x 400m

P2: AMRAP of the following:

  • Double Under x 20
  • Wall Ball (20/14) x 10
  • Sandbag Getup (50s/30s) x 5
  • Wall Walk x 2


“Curtis P” (135/95) – as many reps as possible

Notes: The first part is a 20 minute AMRAP – Partner 1 runs 400m while Partner 2 does as many rounds as possible of the amrap.  Once P1 returns from run, partners switch and P1 picks up wherever P2 left off.  Record total rounds and reps.  From 20-25 minutes, teams complete as many Curtis P’s as possible with only one person working at a time (Curtis P = Power Clean + Front Rack Lunge R + Front Rack Lunge L + Shoulder to Overhead).  Record total number of Curtis P reps on second part.

Scaling Options:

  • Double Under – 50 Single Unders
  • Wall Walk – 10 Push-ups, or wall walk to 45 degrees
  • Curtis P – Use dumbbells if necessary, or do hang power clean


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  1. October 29: Halloween Bar Crawl

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: Team WOD

  1. Solo: 4+11 (row instead of run)

  2. Solo- 4 rds in 21 min. No Curtis p’s

  3. team craig -10 rounds; 25 curtis p’s

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