Wednesday Workout: Bring A Friend Day Team WOD!

Today is Bring A Friend Day! Bring a friend to any class on the schedule for the team WOD below. Please register for classes in advance (this applies to everyone working out this day) on our Front Desk site HERE. Classes at 6am, 7am, 8am, Noon, 445pm, 545pm, 645pm. Thanks!



Row technique – share a rower with 1-2 people and work on positioning on the rower


In Teams of 3, Complete the Following for Total Reps:


  • P1: Row x 200m
  • P2: Max Rep Wall Balls
  • P3: Max Rep Burpee Box Jump

Notes: The pace is determined by the person on the rower.  Once P1 has completed the 200m row, teammates rotate and continue until time is completed.  Reps can only be completed when person on the rower is actively rowing (reset rower monitor each time new person gets in).  Goal should be to row at moderate pace so that your teammates aren’t left working forever ; ), but save a little in the tank for the wall balls and burpee box jumps.  If there is a team of 2 people, do 45 seconds of work, 15 seconds of rest the entire way through.

*Record total wall ball reps and burpee box jump reps.


Plank Party: Tabata Planks (add weight if possible


See our Facebook Events page for up-to-date info on what’s going on!

1 thought on “Wednesday Workout: Bring A Friend Day Team WOD!

  1. 297/148 with Olivia & Baxter
    25# planks

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