Tuesday Workout: FS 5RM, WB, DU



Take 15 minutes to build a 5RM Front Squat


Level 1


  • Wall Ball Throw (12/8) x 1
  • Jump Rope Single x 4
  • Wall Ball x 2
  • Jump Rope Single x 8
  • Wall Ball x 3
  • Jump Rope Single x 12
  • … and so on

Level 2


  • Unbroken Wall Ball Throw (20/14) x 1
  • Unbroken Double Under x 2
  • UB Wall Ball x 2
  • UB Double Under x 4
  • UB Wall Ball x 3
  • UB Double Under x 6
  • … and so on

Notes:  Score by recording the set of wall balls that you finish on when time is up.  If you are doing Unbroken sets in Level 2, you must repeat a set if you trip up on a double under or wall ball!  Scale to just regular sets of double unders if you are still working on the movement.

Compare here


As a reminder, the schedule this week is as follows (can see classes and sign-in here: Front Desk)
  • Monday/Tuesday: Regular schedule
  • Wednesday: 6am, 7am Burn, Noon, 445PM, 545PM classes ONLY.  8am, 6:15pm Essentials/Intro, and 6:45PM classes are canceled.
  • Thursday: Turkey Purger at 10AM!  Anyone welcome. Must pre-sign waiver and enroll here: Front Desk
  • Friday: Noon, 445PM, and 545PM classes ONLY.  All morning classes canceled.
  • Saturday: Resume normal schedule

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  1. 225
    14 + 7 WB rx

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