Monday Workout: PC, Toe To Bar, Wall Ball, Gym Work

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Level 1


  • Hang Power Clean (sub dumbbells if necessary) x 5
  • V-Up x 10
  • Wall Ball to 9′ x 15

Level 2


  • Power Clean (155/105) x 5
  • Toe to Bar x 10
  • Wall Ball (20/14) x 15


3-5 Rounds: 10x Push-up OR 5x Strict Handstand Push-up to deficit (choose deficit), 10x Russian twist with light dumbbell (arms extended, 5 controlled reps each side)

6 thoughts on “Monday Workout: PC, Toe To Bar, Wall Ball, Gym Work

  1. 4+21rx (except last 2 rounds did vups…thumb :()

  2. 6 + 4 @135, 25# vups
    Cash out with push ups and 1 Hank weighted Russian twists 😛

  3. 7+ 8 w/ 85#
    Cash out w/ kipping HSPU and 10# plate russian twists

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