Friday Workout: Squat Clean, AMRAP


Hang Squat Clean, 5-5-5

*Work at moderate weight, and try to do touch and go reps if possible. If necessary, drop and reset.  Rest up to 2 minutes between sets or as needed.



  • Run x 100m or Row x 150m
  • Abmat Sit-up x 15
  • Run x 100m or Row x 150m
  • Single Arm KB or DB Jerk (53-55/35) x 20 (10/side)

*Scale KB or DB jerk weight as needed. Wear vest if running in dark.


3 Rounds: Wall Sit x 30 seconds, Bodyweight Lunge x 20-30 (10-15/side)

End-of-year Party

Put December 17th on your calendars for the End-of-year / Superlatives / Awards Party Extravaganza. This year we will be going to Kardinal Hall from 2-5pm.

We will announce the Nutrition Challenge winners and Awards for a variety of Superlatives. Superlatives include “Gym Comedian”, “Best Attendance”, “Most Improved Male/Female”, and many more!! Please bring your spouse/significant other/kids, and come out to celebrate the end of another great year at CrossFit Charlottesville!  RSVP on Facebook Here!

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