Registration for our May/June UPLIFT Program is Open!

Read testimonials from some of our past UPLIFT participants HERE

Registration for our May/June UPLIFT program is now OPEN!


UPLIFT – Pure Strength and Power for Women – is a 6-week strength class specifically designed for women who are interested in taking their athletic performance to the next level. Get experienced coaching in a small group environment (maximum of 10 participants), and achieve measurable results in 6 weeks.

What can you expect from the program?
  • Six 90 minute classes (class meets every Saturday from 8:30AM-10:00AM)
  • Two additional days of supplemental workout programming each week to be done on your own or with the guidance of a coach during our regularly scheduled strength class (16 total workouts).  Open gym times are available at CrossFit Charlottesville to complete the programming if you cannot come during the regular strength class.
  • Movement screening (performed before the start of the program)
  • Mobility work specific to your needs

Experience results through improvement of technique, measurable strength gains and increased speed and power. Benefit from a personalized movement screening, individualized coaching and supplemental programming in a small group setting.

Who can join? What’s the cost?

UPLIFT is open to all women who range from beginner to advanced athletesThe class is limited to 10 participants and admission will be taken on a first come, first serve basis.

Members of CrossFit Charlottesville – $115 (you will need to request a coupon code prior to checking out if you are a member)

Non-Members – $179 with access to the strength room twice a week during the following times: Tuesday/Thursday 6:30-8:00PM, Sunday 11-12:30PM (alternate times available upon request)

Read testimonials from our past participants!  Aside from the expert coaching and guidance you get from Dominique during the scheduled classes, you will have access to Remote Coach, an online programming site where you will track your workouts and see real time progress and increases in overall strength and mobility at the end of 6 weeks.



CrossFit Charlottesville – Located at 1309 Belleview Avenue off of River Road


The Program will run from May 6 to June 10.

Class meets each Saturday from 8:30AM to 10:00AM

Class Format:

  1. Dynamic warm-up
  2. Individualized technique work, focusing on proper form and mindset
  3. Challenging strength workout, which may include partner work, intervals, and circuits
  4. Cool-down with mobility work

UPLIFT – 5/6 to 6/10 – REGISTER HERE!

Supplemental Programming:

Participants will receive a 6-week supplemental training program that includes 2 additional strength workouts per week designed to compliment the class programming. These additional workouts can be done during C-ville Strength class times.  C-ville Strength meets every Tuesday/Thursday from 6:30PM-8:00PM.  If you are unable to complete any supplement training during this class time, there are other open gym times available when you can do the work in an un-coached session.  Please email us if this is the case!


  • Movement screen performed by class coach (to be preformed at the Kick-off)
  • 3RM performed within the last 3 months for deadlift, front squat and standing military/strict press
  • Maintaining a workout log/journal throughout the program through remote coach
  • Must be able to attend at least 5 of the 6 classes

Meet the Coach!

Dominique Calvani

  • Certified Personal Trainer (NASM)
  • Certified Olympic Weightlifting Coach (USAW)
  • Certified Powerlifting Coach (USAPL)
  • StrongWoman Coach
  • StrongWoman athlete who has medaled in every competition she has entered
  • 2016 National Record Holder – Light Weight Masters Log Press @ 135#
  • Qualified to compete in 2016 StrongWoman National Competition – N.A.S.
  • Qualified to compete in 2017 StrongWoman National Competition – U.S.S.
  • Qualified to compete in 2016 Women’s Pro World Competition – U.S.S



Please email us at with “UPLIFT” in the subject line.  Thanks!


Read about experiences from past participants in the program below!

“I am so glad I had the opportunity to participate in UPLIFT. The program didn’t end on the weekend, it incorporated weekly workouts and gave us the ability to track our progress which I greatly appreciated.  It was always exciting to do something new, outside of the regular lifting, such as flip the tire or pull the sleds. Over the weeks, I could see a considerable difference in my lifts and experienced great gains! I highly recommend the program, Dominique is very knowledgeable about lifting techniques and extremely supportive.”



“Dominique is so much more than a trainer; she exudes pure passion and true dedication in everything she does, which I absolutely saw translated throughout our training together. Her motivation and ability to get the best out of everyone around her is unreal. She pushed me to do things I never thought were possible, without even realizing how much work I put in – because every second of the training was so much fun.”



“Working out with Dominique on a weekly basis caused a dramatic change in my outlook on fitness and my own personal body image. She provided constant encouragement and her enthusiasm was infectious; I found myself pushing myself much further than I typically would just because she made me think I could – and she was right! Dominique made me realize that it didn’t matter what other people were doing, but when I stepped up to the platform it was all about what I could do and how to push myself… I couldn’t be more grateful to Dominique for forcing me out of my comfort zone and into her world of female empowerment, where anything was possible if you were willing to work for it.”



“Dominique is an amazing coach, resource, role model, and friend. In the weeks after my first experience with UPLIFT, she has made every effort to help me verbalize and achieve my goals beyond the original program. During UPLIFT, Dominique led fun, informative, and challenging group workouts each Saturday. In addition, she provided timely and helpful feedback to maximize our independent lifting sessions throughout the week. Thanks to Dominique’s programming, dedication, and encouragement I was able to set a new personal best for each of my lifts and develop a love for strength work. I walked away from the UPLIFT program with improved form, greater strength, a deeper respect for my body, and sincere friendships that transcend our sweat sessions at the gym.”



“UPLIFT has been an amazing journey. I have always considered myself an athlete, but none of the sports I gravitated toward – running, cycling, yoga – made me strong. At age 44, lifting weights has begun to sculpt my body in amazing ways.  My posture has improved and I stand taller and feel more powerful. That feeling of strength and confidence has translated to other aspects of my life, too. Not only have I enjoyed the results of getting stronger, but I enjoyed the process. The workouts are fun, challenging, and best of all, the other women in UPLIFT are so supportive and inspiring! Dominique is both a gifted teacher and a coach.  I look forward to the next class starting in January 2017!”



“My experience with UPLIFT was challenging but exceptionally rewarding…and tons of fun! I’ve always been far more comfortable with activities like running, so to commit to really focusing on strength activities is not my natural inclination. I am so glad that I signed up and completed the program… I personally saw substantial increases in strength and moreover in my confidence with getting out of my comfort zone. I really enjoyed getting to know such a great group of ladies and getting to see everyone be SO successful on the final max day! Dominique has a wealth of knowledge and I really appreciated the opportunity to learn some new movements and gain different perspective from her. In addition, she is an absolutely amazing and inspiring coach! I found that I was capable of far more than I thought.”



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