Thursday Workout: Thruster/Row Sprints, Extra Credit



Level 1

Every 4 Minutes for 4 Sets:

  • Dumbbell Thruster x 10
  • Row x 200m

Level 2

Every 4 Minutes for 5 Sets:

  • Thruster (115/85) x 10
  • Row x 250m

*Thruster should be a challenging weight but aim for unbroken each set (i.e. scale up/down as able).  Record slowest and fastest set times only.


Option 1:

  • Every 2 Minutes for 5 Sets: 1-3x Legless Rope Climbs (start from standing position, no jump) – should not be more than a minute of work each time.

Option 2:

  • 4 Sets: 5x Strict or Strict Weighted Pull-up, 10-20 second hang from pull-up bar

Option 3:

  • 4 Sets: 10x Ring Row, 10-20 hang from pull-up bar

Modify options as needed.

Other Updates!

SATURDAY CLASSES: The 10:00AM class on Saturday is now officially a TEAMER (Team WOD, partner WOD, etc.).  The class will still be led by a trainer, but there is no open gym or make-up during this time – you can still use the lower room for open gym if you want.  The 11:00AM class is still a “make-up/open gym” class in the upper room.  General Note for Saturdays: Please make sure you are done with your workout by noon.  We need the space for our essentials/intro classes, and it can be disruptive to those classes if people are still working out in the upper room.

UPLIFT!: UPLIFT is starting back up again!  The first program was a huge success, and after some more planning we have set up an even better structure for the program this coming year!  Don’t delay in signing up, as we are only allowing a maximum of 10 participants!  Register or find out more information here: UPLIFT

We resume a normal schedule today, but C’ville Strength does not resume as a coached session until this Saturday (Jan 7).  You can still use the lower room tonight to do the programming on your own. Thanks!

As always, be sure to check our online Scheduler for up-to-date schedule information or last minute changes. Thanks!

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