Monday Workout: OTM FS, KBS, DU

Thinking about joining UPLIFT?  Read about Victoria’s experience below and go here for more information!


“My experience with UPLIFT was challenging but exceptionally rewarding…and tons of fun! I’ve always been far more comfortable with activities like running, so to commit to really focusing on strength activities is not my natural inclination. I am so glad that I signed up and completed the program… I personally saw substantial increases in strength and moreover in my confidence with getting out of my comfort zone. I really enjoyed getting to know such a great group of ladies and getting to see everyone be SO successful on the final max day! Dominique has a wealth of knowledge and I really appreciated the opportunity to learn some new movements and gain different perspective from her. In addition, she is an absolutely amazing and inspiring coach! I found that I was capable of far more than I thought.”

-Victoria G



Squat Clean + 2 Front Squats

*Scale to (hang) power clean + 3 front squats if necessary. Start around 70% of your best clean and build each minute as heavy as possible.


Level 1


  • Russian Kettlebell Swing (53/35) x 15
  • Jump Rope Single x 50
  • Burpee x 5

Level 2


  • Kettlebell Swing (70/53) x 15
  • Double Under x 40

*If necessary, scale double unders to attempts for ~30-45 seconds.

Optional Core Work

Accumulate 1-2 Minutes in an L-Sit Hold (on rings, boxes, or parallettes) – each time you break perform 10 push-ups. 5 Minute Cap.


SATURDAY CLASSES: The 10:00AM class on Saturday is now officially a TEAMER (Team WOD, partner WOD, etc.).  The class will still be led by a trainer, but there is no open gym or make-up during this time – you can still use the lower room for open gym if you want.  The 11:00AM class is still a “make-up/open gym” class in the upper room.  General Note for Saturdays: Please make sure you are done with your workout by noon.  We need the space for our essentials/intro classes, and it can be disruptive to those classes if people are still working out in the upper room.

UPLIFT!: UPLIFT is starting back up again!  The first program was a huge success, and after some more planning we have set up an even better structure for the program this coming year!  Don’t delay in signing up, as we are only allowing a maximum of 10 participants!  Register or find out more information here: UPLIFT

5 thoughts on “Monday Workout: OTM FS, KBS, DU

  1. 75-105#, increasing by 5# each round
    Wod: 3+27rx

  2. 195#
    Accumulates 1:20 in Hanging L-Sit
    50 Push ups

  3. 105×2,115,125×2,135,145#
    5 rx

  4. 85×2, 95×2, 105×2, 115×1
    4 (40 sec DU attempts)

  5. 3 + 25 @53 at home. Had some double under trouble on the pavement 🙁

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