Monday Workout: Nancy


Strength / Skill

Spend 10 minutes working on your Overhead Squat (mobility, technique, weight, etc.)


Level 1

5 rounds for time:

  • Run 200 m
  • Overhead Squat (45/35#) x 10

*Consider subbing Front Squats or Overhead Lunge if necessary

Level 2


5 rounds for time:

  • Run 400 m
  • Overhead Squat (95/65#) x 15

Compare to here.

*If rowing, do 500m


50x Toes to Bar

*Every time you break perform 10-15x push-ups. Scale toe to bar as needed (i.e. v-ups, hanging knee tucks, abmat sit-ups, etc.) – can be kipping.

This is the last week of benchmark workouts!

Other Things Coming Up:

  • February 19, 1230PM: Porkapolooza!!
  • February 23, 8PM: Open WOD 17.1 Announcement
REMINDER TO JOIN OUR FACEBOOK MEMBERS GROUP!  You can request to join here: CrossFit Charlottesville Members

13 Comments on “Monday Workout: Nancy

  1. 22:17rx (old lady hip held out on the run but feeling it now! first time running since Sept!)

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