Saturday Team WOD 021817


In Teams of 2, Complete the Following “Follow the Leader” or Relay-Style:

10 Rounds:

  • Pistol x 6 (3/leg)
  • Double Under x 40
  • Deadlift (315/225) x 2

Then, 10 Rounds:

  • Wall Ball (20/14) x 5
  • Handstand Push-up x 3
  • Power Clean (225/155) x 1

Then, 10 Rounds:

  • Lateral Bar Burpee x 3
  • Shoulder to Overhead (185/125) x 2
  • Run x 100m

*30 Minute Time Cap. Scale weights as needed!

This is a relay-style workout. So, partner 1 does a round, and then partner 2 does a round until 10 rounds have been completed (i.e. 5 rounds EACH). Once teams complete the first set of 10 rounds, they move onto the second 10 round set (must change your own weights, etc.) and so on.

Other Things Coming Up:

  • February 19, 1230PM: Porkapolooza!!
  • February 23, 8PM: Open WOD 17.1 Announcement
  • February 25, 130pm: Yoga at the gym!
REMINDER TO JOIN OUR FACEBOOK MEMBERS GROUP!  You can request to join here: CrossFit Charlottesville Members

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