Tuesday Workout: Front Squat, T2B, Row

Congratulations to all of our athletes who completed the 2017 CrossFit Games Open!  This year’s open workouts were easily the most challenging we’ve seen to-date, and you all worked hard to overcome those challenges and set new goals for the year to come. Seeing some of you get your first bar muscle up, perform an open workout “Rx”, or cheer each other on during the “Friday night lights” was more than enough to make this another successful Open for our gym. Thank you and congratulations!


Front Squat, quickly build to a 1RM for the day, then do 3×3 at 80%

*Should not take more than 10 minutes to establish heavy single. Rest up to 2 minutes between drop sets.


Level 1

Perform a set every 4 minutes for 3 total sets:

  • V-Up x 15
  • Row x 15 Cals

Level 2

Perform a set every 4 minutes for 3 total sets:

  • Toe to Bar x 20
  • Row x 20 Cals

*Scale as needed so that you have at least a minute of rest each set (i.e. reps on rower or toe to bar variation)

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4 thoughts on “Tuesday Workout: Front Squat, T2B, Row

  1. FS 1 RM = 100
    Time: 2:42, 2:26, 2:42

  2. 143×3

  3. 225#
    1:39, 1:46, 1:52

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