Thursday Workout: Every 2 Minutes for 10 Sets


Every 2 Minutes for 10 Total Sets:

  • Deadlift x 5
  • Hang Power Clean x 4
  • Shoulder to Overhead x 3
  • Front Rack Lunge x 2
  • Squat Clean Thruster x 1

Notes: Must be UNBROKEN each set.

Rx: 135/95.  Move up in weight if you are able to.

Scaling Notes: If necessary, move straight from front rack lunge into a regular thruster, or use a barbell for part of the complex and dumbbells when necessary (does not need to be unbroken in this case).


5 Sets: 5x Dumbbell Strict Press right into 10x Dumbbell Push Press

Upcoming Events!

  1. REGISTRATION FOR THE MAY/JUNE UPLIFT PROGRAM IS OPEN! Go to the Post HERE for information on how you can register
  2. Yoga at the gym, Sunday at 1230PM (April 23)
  3. Ladies Night WOD and Wine is on Friday, April 28!  RSVP here and if you’re brining a friend make sure they’re signed up!

7 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: Every 2 Minutes for 10 Sets

  1. 135#, 155# for last two sets

  2. 115# x10 subbed 2 front squats for the lunges

  3. 135# x 5 155# x 5

  4. 65×3 70×7

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