Tuesday Workout: BS, CGBP, AMRAP

Registration for UPLIFT is open!  The next program starts on May 6 – don’t delay in signing up as we are only opening it up for 10 participants.  Follow the post HERE or click on the picture above for information on how to register.


A.  Back Squat, 3-5 reps x 5 sets at 30X0 Tempo

B.  Close Grip Bench Press, 3-5 reps x 5 sets at 30X0 Tempo

*Work through all sets of squats first, and then work through bench press. Build in weight each set as you’re able to.


On a clock set for 10 total minutes:

  • 2 minutes of Double Unders
  • 2 minutes of Wall Balls
  • 3 minutes of Double Unders
  • 3 minutes of Wall Balls

Notes: Record total DU reps and total Wall Ball reps.  Scale DU to single unders, but divide total rep count by 3 to get final score.  

Upcoming Events!

  1. REGISTRATION FOR THE MAY/JUNE UPLIFT PROGRAM IS OPEN! Go to the Post HERE for information on how you can register
  2. Ladies Night WOD and Wine is on Friday, April 28!  RSVP here and if you’re brining a friend make sure they’re signed up!

5 thoughts on “Tuesday Workout: BS, CGBP, AMRAP

  1. BS: 125#x3, 135#x2
    Bench: 75#x3, 85#x1, 90#x1
    DU: 182, WB: 76 (with tying of shoes and wall ball exchange built in :))

  2. 225/155

  3. BS: 225
    Bench: 185


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