Wednesday Workout: Back Squat, Row/PC


Back Squat, 2.2.2 x 4 sets

These are cluster sets – Rest 15 seconds between the sets of 2, and up to 3 minutes between sets (i.e. do 2 reps, rack the bar and rest 15 seconds, for 3 total times each set).  No tempo, but you should not be nearing failure any set (Start moderate and build as you’re able).  PAY ATTENTION when you are re-racking the barbell, and take your time warming up to your working sets.


Level 1


  • Row for Max Calories*

At the start and every minute thereafter: 7 Russian Kettlebell Swings AHAP

Level 2


  • Row for Max Calories*

At the start and every minute thereafter: 5 Unbroken Hang Power Cleans (155/105)


  • BEST OF C-VILLE!  We need your support!!  Please head to to nominate CF Charlottesville for Best Gym under “Niche Fitness Studio.”  Also in the running from our gym: Scott Linton (best personal trainer).  Show some support for Jacob “Getty” Goedken and give him your nomination as well (best chiropractor)!

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: Back Squat, Row/PC

  1. BS: 55kg
    Wod: 70 cal (@65#)

  2. 64 cals @ 110#

  3. 225#

    84 cals

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