Thursday Workout: SP/RC Every 2 Minutes


Level 1

Every 2 Minutes for 7 Total Sets:

  • Shoulder Press x 5
  • Ring Row x 5-10 or Rope Pull x 3-5
  • Rest for the remainder of 2 minute period

Level 2

Every 2 Minutes for 10 Total Sets:

  • Shoulder Press x 5
  • Rope Climb x 2-4 reps (legless as long as possible)
  • Rest for the remainder of 2 minute period

Notes: Start light to moderate (~50%) and add weight to EVERY set of Shoulder Press as long as you can – goal is to max out your set of 5 by the end (i.e. go to failure or close to failure on SP).  Scale rope climbs as needed – you should be able to complete the work within the 2 minute set AND have some time to rest/reset.

Compare Here


Every 4 Minutes for 3-4 Sets: Run x 400m

*Times should be consistent – scale running distance so you are getting 90-120 seconds of rest each time. Use a watch/timer and do with a partner or on your own after the EMOM


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