Tuesday Workout: Shoulder Press, AMRAP


Shoulder Press, 5×5

*Work at or around 70%


Level 1


  • Push Press x 7
  • Ring Row x 7
  • Burpee x 7

Level 2


  • Push Jerk (135/95) x 7
  • Chest to Bar Pull-up x 7
  • Burpee x 7


  • BEST OF C-VILLE!  We need your support!!  Please head to http://www.c-ville.com/nominate/ to nominate CF Charlottesville for Best Gym under “Niche Fitness Studio.”  Also in the running from our gym: Scott Linton (best personal trainer).  Show some support for Jacob “Getty” Goedken and give him your nomination as well (best chiropractor)!

3 Comments on “Tuesday Workout: Shoulder Press, AMRAP

  1. Sets of 5 instead of 7
    Completed 4 rounds in 8 min.

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