Friday Workout: “Nicole” Remix 2


Level 1


  • Row x 500m
  • Max Rep Ring Row
  • Run x 400m
  • Max Rep Front Squat

*Choose challenging weight on Front Squat (~10 reps/rd)

Level 2


  • Row x 500m
  • Max Rep Pull-ups
  • Run x 400m
  • Max Rep Overhead Squats (Rx = Bodyweight)

*Record total Pull-up reps, OHS reps and OHS weight.  No jumping pull-ups as a substitution for the workout.


  • BEST OF C-VILLE!  We need your support!!  Please head to to nominate CF Charlottesville for Best Gym under “Niche Fitness Studio.”  Also in the running from our gym: Scott Linton (best personal trainer).  Show some support for Jacob “Getty” Goedken and give him your nomination as well (best chiropractor)!

3 thoughts on “Friday Workout: “Nicole” Remix 2

  1. Burn fri-yay!
    4+175m (53# kb, pull ups)

  2. 15 pullups, 28 OHS (75#), parking lot run

  3. Used 185 instead of BW (205#)
    42(?) pull ups
    7 OHS

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