Tuesday Workout: Shoulder Press, 30-20-10


Shoulder Press, 5×5

*Try to build slightly heavier than last week


Level 1

20-15-10 Reps of Each For Time*:

  • Ring Row
  • Push-up Hands Elevated

*5x Hang Power Clean + Push Press after each set of ring rows and push-ups

Level 2

30-20-10 Reps of Each For Time*:

  • Pull-up
  • Push-up

*5x Ground to Overhead after each set of pull-ups and push-ups (155/105)

Notes: Do 30 pull-ups, then 5 ground to overhead, 30 push-ups, 5 ground to overhead, 20 pull-ups, 5 ground to overhead, etc.  Workout ends with 5 ground to overhead reps.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Workout: Shoulder Press, 30-20-10

  1. 85#

    1. Nice work Taylor!

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