Thursday Workout: Shoulder Press, Intervals, Core Work


Shoulder Press, 10 sets of 3 at 60%

*Speed reps. Rest 60-90 seconds between sets.


3 Sets:

  • Burpee to 6″ Target x 1 Minute
  • Rest 1 Minute
  • Wall Ball (20/14) to 10’/9′ Target x 1 Minute
  • Rest 1 Minute

*Scale to regular burpees, and modify weight on wall balls as needed.  Two Scores: record Total Burpee Reps and Total Wall Ball reps.


1 Minute At Each Movement (no transition time)

  • Right arm KB waiter walk
  • Left arm KB waiter walk
  • Russian twist
  • Hollow rock R arm KB hold
  • Lateral leg raises over KB
  • Hollow rock L arm KB hold
  • Plank

*Same routine as last week. Modify movements as necessary (i.e. do not need to use weight for the hollow rock if necessary)


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2 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: Shoulder Press, Intervals, Core Work

  1. 65#
    60 burpees, 93 wall balls

  2. 54 burpees, 86 wb

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