Friday Workout: OTM HSPU/Squat Cleans


Level 1

OTM 20 (10 sets of each):

  • 1′ – 5 L-Seated Dumbbell Press or HSPU w/ feet on box
  • 2′ – 5 Dumbbell Hang Squat Cleans

Level 2

OTM 24 (12 sets of each):

  • 1′ – 5 Deficit Handstand Push-ups
  • 2′ – 5 “Touch and Go” Squat Cleans moderate/heavy

*Choose weight on squat cleans and deficit on handstand push-up. Start moderate and build if you are able, but keep reps touch and go (i.e. no dropping bar during set of 5). HSPU can be kipping.  Record HSPU deficit (if using one) and weight on squat cleans.


3-5 Sets:

  • 5x Single Arm Bent Over Row AHAP (per side, use kb or db)
  • 15-20x Hollow Rock


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2 thoughts on “Friday Workout: OTM HSPU/Squat Cleans

  1. hspu: up to 25# plate deficit
    squat cleans: 85-95#

  2. hspu- w/ 25# plate/abmat
    SC- up to 95#

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