Getting More Out of Your Rest Day, Program Coming in August

The following post was written by our very own coach and athlete, Melinda Clark:

Hello Fellow CFCers!  Giving it all during WODs has been great for developing our cardiovascular system and our big muscles, but what about all those little muscles, ligaments, and tendons that are holding those big muscles in place? When I started training, I figured they were getting strong too, but this is not always the case when training big, compound movements. After about the third time of injuring my lower back and seeing our very own Dr. “Getty” Goedken to put me back together, I finally understood what he was talking about when he said I needed to stabilize all those little muscles keeping my ever gaining squat butt in place (paraphrased, of course!). Once I regularly did the accessory work to stabilize my glutes, hamstrings, and core, I stopped injuring my lower back. Now I know you may be thinking, yeah, but I mobilize. Mobilization is very important and I do not want to downplay how much mobilization is necessary to keep our bodies moving in the full range of motion. But even with being mobile, one can still become injured if that area is not stable. I hurt my shoulder during ROMWOD of all things. I was excited to be mobile enough to have my fingers touch during an archer pose, but then experienced what felt like a small tear in my shoulder. After seeing Getty, again, it was indeed a stability issue, not a mobility one.

Hopefully by now you are seeing the importance of combining mobility and stability training and are thinking, okay, so what do I do about it? That’s where we come in! Doing nothing on a rest day may actually be harder on your body than doing some light prehab work (see Greg Everett’s article:

I have been working with Scott and Getty to program some auxiliary work to be done on the day or days you typically take as your rest day in order to bring more stability work into your training. The prehab work is generalized and will focus on exercises that will help stabilize the shoulders and the lower back.

The programming will include various stabilization exercises for the shoulders and lower back, as well as a core FIRE (Flexion, Isometric, Rotational, Extension) series. In addition, we will recommend some mobility work to begin your active recovery and a hip opening stretch to conclude the session. *Please note that this is not designed to target any specific issue you may be having and is more so to guide our athletes through some general auxiliary work that we could all use. If you do have specific issues that need to be addressed, we encourage you to seek out the professionals.

What you should know for now:

  • We are planning on rolling this out in August.
  • Each Sunday the prehab recovery work will be posted.
  • When you take a rest day that week, feel free to come to the gym to go through the program on your own in the lower room or do it at home/work/outdoors.
  • The first few weeks in August, Getty, Scott, and I will hold several one-hour sessions at various times to review how to properly do the prehab work that you will be seeing in the programming.

In the next few months, we are planning to make short videos to guide you through the movements. The dates of the review sessions will be posted for August and we highly encourage you to attend them!  This will set the tone for you to continue this work on your own when it is posted weekly.  For now, try to make it to a review session if you plan on taking advantage of prehab programming.

Here’s to being strong AND stable!

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