Thanks for 8 Years & a Big Welcome to McDowell

Only a handful of people probably remember our 800 square foot location when we first started CrossFit Charlottesville about 8 years ago. We opened our little gym to a Charlottesville that had no idea what CrossFit was about and was one of the early affiliates.

We’ve grown a lot since then.  Just a few things to highlight:

  • We grew our incredibly talented training staff to over 15 amazing people. These people have years of experience coaching all types of clients and achieving amazing results.
  • We’ve developed over 1,000 athletes of all levels, seen over 100 people finish our nutrition challenge, and sent two athletes to the CrossFit Games over FIVE TIMES (congrats Martha (3x) & Gretchen (2x)).
  • We continue to be impressed by the community of people in our gym. New friends are created everyday. Long term relationships have started in the gym. It truly is an amazing family of health-minded individuals.
  • We started the SuperFit Games, which is now the largest independent CrossFit affiliate hosted competition series in the world (as far as we know).

We could not have done it without an amazing group of clients that continue to be part of our mission. We started CrossFit Charlottesville because we felt like the big globo gyms were doing a disservice to our health and failed to maximize human potential; they were prioritizing things that didn’t create a healthier and better community. Our focus has always been about finding ways to create the best you and we are so thankful that you have been part of our journey.

In short, big thanks for the time you’ve spent with us and being part of our community.

Hello McDowell. 

Many of you have already met our new manager, McDowell Myers, originally from Roanoke and a former head trainer at CrossFit South Brooklyn. We are so excited to welcome McDowell and his wife Ellie, his two children, Vesper and Marcus. McDowell brings years of training experience along with a host of certifications. His biography follows:

Growing up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwest Virginia, the natural environment always played a part in McDowell’s fitness. After a childhood and adolescence of playing whatever sport was in season, he found himself bored in regular gyms. This led to an interest in boxing and various outdoor activities, including mountain bike racing, road cycling, or simply running on the mountain trails.

McDowell discovered CrossFit at the beginning of 2008, attracted to the challenging workouts and intrigued by the varied programming posted on the main site. Without a CrossFit gym in town, he created his own home gym, complete with homemade pull-up bars, medicine balls, and a barbell rack–all while reading and studying movement online and in books.

In June of 2011, McDowell moved to Brooklyn, NY and began taking classes at CrossFit South Brooklyn. He immediately connected with the gym community and the friendly competition it provided. Shortly thereafter his passion became a career as he became a full time coach.

In addition to CrossFit Level 1, McDowell has completed the OPEX Level 1 Trainer certification, Catalyst Athletics certification, and is a Starting Strength coach. He has attended a multitude of other courses including Julien Pineau’s StrongFit course, Cal Strength Weightlifting workshops as well as several other weightlifting and fitness workshops and seminars with various national champions and their coaches. McDowell is also CrossFit Powerlifting and CrossFit Kettlebell Trainer Certified.

Thank You Scott. 

Scott will still be training at the gym, but has decided to pursue other interests outside of the gym. We thank Scott for an awesome four years of continuing our mission, being an important part of our clients’ health and fitness and, importantly, for his amazing calves. It has been an honor to work with Scott through the years and we look forward to seeing him around for many more, especially since his wife just started a full time position at Augusta Health.

Party Time!

As a reminder and thank you to our clients and training staff, please join us for an 8 year anniversary party, to welcome McDowell and to wish Scott the best on Saturday, July 29th, at 3PM at the gym. It’s catered from BBQ Exchange (enough said).





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