Recovery WOD Week 3

Recovery WOD Week 3: This can be done any day of the week, preferably on your “off” day. Thank you Melinda for putting this together!

Video Links Below


Mobilize traps with lacrosse ball and work on back flexibility laying on foam roller: 10s hold with roller just below shoulder blades, mid-back, and lower back. Aim for shoulders and butt to touch the floor with legs extended but do not force (this will take time to open up)

Shoulder strengthening: 3 rounds of:

  • 10 pull aparts
  • 10 OH plate circles  in each direction (clockwise and counter clockwise: 5# max weight)

Glutes/hips/lower back strengthening: 3 rounds of

  • 10 monster walks each direction (red band!)
  • 12 body wt. split squat (6/leg; back foot on bench if possible)

FIRE sequence: 3 rounds of:

  • 12 PVC pipe  sit ups (or hold arms overhead throughout situp)
  • 1min waiter’s walk per arm
  • 12 Russian twists
  • 12 supermans

Hip stretch: happy baby (2min hold: do not force position)

YouTube Video Links

  1. Traps with lacrosse ballL (:34s)
  2. back flexibility laying on foam roller: (shows some different things to do if the back isn’t flexible enough for static holds)
  3. pull aparts: (first 20s)
  4. OH plate halos:
  5. monster walks (red band only!):
  6. body wt. split squat: – difference between squat and lunge:
  7. PVC pipe sit ups:
  8. waiter’s walk:
  9. Russian twists:
  10. 12 supermans:
  11. happy baby:

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