Press | WOD 10.15.17

crossfit charlottesville_0618_preview.jpeg


3 x 6

We have dropped a couple reps, so try to go slightly heavier than last week. Same weight across all work sets.

Exposure 5 of 8

Post load to comments.


EMOM for 15 minutes:

1 – 8-12 cal row
2 – 8-10 CTB Pull-ups
3 – 10 Box Jump step down, 24″/20″

The row should take no more than 45 seconds per round, so pick a calorie count and stick with it. For the CTB Pull-ups, scale to chin over bar or ring rows today. Scale the height on the box jumps as appropriate.

Post Rx to comments.


6 Comments on “Press | WOD 10.15.17

  1. 85# but I missed the last rep on the last set
    WOD: 40 sec row, 8 regular pull ups, 10 box jumps @ 20″

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