Bench Press/Deadlift | WOD 10.26.17

Good luck to Coach Cal and all the weightlifters competing this weekend at the Unrivaled Classic!
As a reminder, C’ville Strength is canceled this weekend, but feel free to come in and lift in during open gym hours.


A1) Bench Press ā€“ 3 x 6; rest 1 minute

A2) Deadlift ā€“ 3 x 5; rest 1 minute

Same weight across for each set. On the bench press we have dropped two reps per set. Try to go slightly heavier than last week.
The BP and DL are to be performed as a superset, so warm both barbells up, then perform a set of BP, rest about a minute, then perform a set of DL throughout all sets.

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Post loads to comments.


20 Minutes For Quality:

50m Single Arm Farmer Carry, moderate load – each arm
30 second Supinated Grip Bar Hang
30 second Wall Facing HS Hold
12 Lateral Box Step-ups – each leg

For these 20 minutes focus on quality movement, not rounds or volume. Keep your shoulders square on the SAFC, stay hollow on the HS Hold, and slow down and load the working leg both on the way up and down on the Step-ups.


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