Snatch | WOD 11.6.17

Coach Alex is leaving us! We’ll miss him very much, but we’re excited to see this new chapter unfold. Best of luck, Alex!
Below are a few words from Alex.
Hi Members,
I’m writing to let you all know that November will be my last month training at the gym. For the past 5.5 years I’ve had the privilege to share my knowledge of functional fitness with anyone who wanted to listen. There were many days where I had a rough day at work and being able to stroll into  an evening class and teach someone a new skill or watch a PR turned my whole day around.  I’ve made lasting friendships and will sincerely miss getting to watch people improve their athletic capabilities.
If I could leave you with a few words of wisdom:
  • Push yourself every class – this cannot be understated.  If you do crossfit to maintain a certain level of athleticism, then that’s great! However, if you want to make yourself stronger, fitter, and an overall better athlete, you have to push yourself to the limit every class.  Don’t cheat reps and don’t stop moving until that clock stops.
  • Take rest days – You beat your body up everyday. It needs to heal so that you can be stronger next time.  
  • Mobilize – Alllll the time…before class…after class. While you’re watching Netflix at night! 
  • Work on your weaknesses – It’s easy to get caught up working hard on the things you are good at.  Find the movements you struggle with and make it a priority to work on a single one for a few weeks.
  • Meet new people –  Crossfit is more than just a place to sweat and burn calories. Go out of your way to meet people, cheer on other athletes, and welcome the new arrivals. 
Ok. I’ll get off my 24″ soapbox.  Hope to see you all in one of my classes this month!
Snatch EMOM
EMOM for 10 minutes:
1 Power Snatch + 1 Snatch
Start light and build if it is feeling good.
Post load to comments.
5 Rounds or 20 minutes for quality:
3 -5 Wall Walks
12 alternating Goblet Box Step-ups
15-20 second L-sit

3 thoughts on “Snatch | WOD 11.6.17

  1. 115#

    HS walk length of rig
    20” step ups w/ 25#
    :15 L-sit on parallettes

  2. 85#
    3ww, 20″ box w/ 25#, 20s high box, bent knees

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