Snatch | WOD 1.19.18



Hang Snatch

Every 30 seconds for 10 minutes (20 reps).

Keep the weight on the lighter side and bias speed under the bar and a solid receiving position.

Post load to comments.



For Time:
Thrusters 95/65

This is THE classic CrossFit couplet that has inspired and hooked so many CrossFitters over the years. So simple, yet so potent. The intention is for this to be brutally fast. The fastest times world-wide are completed unbroken and under 2 minutes. Scale accordingly. However, as always, there’s is room to gut out Rx’ing a benchmark such as this at a load or degree of difficulty that’s at the edge of your ability so you might also consider that when deciding what your “Fran” will look like today. Top athletes complete the reps unbroken and with minimal rest but your (and my) Fran might be very different. If you can do the 21 thrusters unbroken but then you wind up in a world of shit for the 21 Pull-Ups, then you should probably break those Thrusters up! Do you rest too much during the 15s? Have a strategy to minimize rest like: 3-5 breaths between sets or a controlled 3-5 count in your head. In any case, have a plan that is honest to your level of ability. Let your judge know your plan and ask them to help keep you to it. And as always, have fun! (C. Fox)

Sub Jumping Pull-Ups or scale volume as needed. Use lighter bars and larger bumps as available to save the 10s!

Post time and Rx to comments.

1 thought on “Snatch | WOD 1.19.18

  1. 135# snatch

    2:57 Fran

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