Pull-up/Handstand Hold | WOD 1.25.18



A1) Strict Pull-up  –  5 x 4-6 reps

Rest 1 minute

A2) Handstand Hold  –  5 x 20-30 seconds

Rest 1 minute

For the pull-ups, add weight or assist with bands as needed to complete the reps. On the handstand hold maintain the best positions possible. If getting inverted is something you are working on but not quite there just yet, perform a 20-30 second tall plank maintaining a perfect hollow position at the top of a push-up.

Post load and reps to comments.


AMRAP in 15 minutes of:

10 DB Front Rack Reverse Lunges, 50/35lbs
10 Renegade Rows + Push-Up, 50/35lbs
250m Run

Post rounds + reps and Rx to comments.

4 Comments on “Pull-up/Handstand Hold | WOD 1.25.18

  1. bw, 15, 20×2, 25# (5 reps)
    20-30sec freestanding hold

    4 rds (35# dbs, 300m row)

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