Back Squat | WOD 2.5.18


Back Squat

3 x 8

Three sets of eight repetitions at the same weight. Try to go heavier than the 10’s from last week.

Post load to comments.


Three rounds for time of:

100 Double-Unders
10 Hang Squat Cleans, 155/105 lbs
10 Alternating Front-Racked Reverse Lunges, 155/105 lbs

Scale the DU to half and count makes + attempts; or scale to 200 single unders. Scale the load on the barbell to an appropriate weight for the lunges.

Post time and Rx to comments.

3 thoughts on “Back Squat | WOD 2.5.18

  1. 160#

  2. 125#
    10:09 @ 85#

  3. 225/ 10:53 @ 135. Out of shape… #dadbod

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