Weekly Recovery WOD


Mobilize shoulder blades (video start 1:17) & TFL (just under crest of hip bone) with lacrosse ball

Shoulder strengthening: 3 round of:

12 alternating 5 second eccentrics w/ ribbon (6 going to side, 6 going to front)

20 second internal and external rotation static hold

Glutes/hips/lower back strengthening: 3 round of

15 hip thrusts (use empty barbell if possible)

12 fire hydrants (8/leg)

FIRE sequence: 3 rounds of:

12 horizontal knee tucks with resistance (red band)

30s static band anti-rotation x 2 (1 facing forward and 1 facing backward)

12 hanging around the worlds (6 in each direction; move legs in circular motion: video start 45s)

3 candlestick melts (video start 4:39)

Hip stretch: crossed shins with forward fold (2min per leg: do not force position)

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