Weekly Recovery WOD


Mobilize traps with lacrosse ball (video start 0:34) and work on back flexibility laying on foam roller: 20s hold with roller just below shoulder blades, mid-back, and lower back. Aim for shoulders and butt to touch the floor with legs extended but do not force (this will take time to open up)

Shoulder strengthening: 3 round of:

12 face pulls (video start 3:03)

6 reach, roll, & lift per arm

Glutes/hips/lower back strengthening: 3 round of

12 palof press

10 monster walks each direction (red band!)

FIRE sequence: 3 rounds of:

12 reverse crunch

30s hold/side side plank (do windmill if possible)

12 pilates corkscrew

12 supermans

Hip stretch: happy baby (2min hold: do not force position)

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