Front Squat | WOD 4.24.18

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How Much Is Enough? Finding Your Perfect Workout FrequencyBarBend

Front Squat

3 sets of 5 reps @22X1 tempo

Same weight across all work sets. Try to go slightly heavier than last week.

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Post load to comments.


EMOM for 16 minutes:

Odd: 5 Hang Power Cleans + 5 Burpees
Even: 6-8 Strict Pull-ups

For the hang power cleans, pick a moderate weight you can cycle smoothly, focusing more on proper technique and mechanics. Pick a rep range for the pull-ups that is sustainable across all eight sets.

3 Comments on “Front Squat | WOD 4.24.18

  1. front squat: 135#
    hang power clean: 115#
    6 strict pull ups each round

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