Deadlift | WOD 4.30.18


DEATH TO THE 1,200 CALORIE MENTALITY – The Sassy Dietitian


4 sets of 3 reps @31X1 tempo

Same weight across all work sets. Try to go heavier than last week, keeping in mind the change in reps.

Exposure 5 of 8

Post loads to comments.


Every 3 minutes for 7 sets:

12/9 cal row
9 burpee box jumps, 24/20″

Try to be consistent with your times each round.

Post times to comments.

4 thoughts on “Deadlift | WOD 4.30.18

  1. 145#
    Fastest: 1:15
    Slowest: 1:20

  2. 145#

    My rower doesn’t calculate calories right, so I did a 40 sec sprint on the rower, then the burpees. First round was actually the slowest and final round was the fastest. Guess I found my rhythm on the burpees. 🤷

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