Cal and Hannah’s Goodbye Team WOD

This WOD celebrates the years Cal and Hannah have been a part of this community. Come join us to WOD and wish them well!

In Teams of 2,

For Time:

12 Bear Complexes (135/85)

12 Bar Muscle Ups

12 3 Plate Deficit HSPUs (25+45s/45+2 25s)

12 Snatches (185/125)

10 Bar Muscle Ups

14 2 Plate Deficit HSPUs (45s/25s)

12 Cleans (275/175)

8 Bar Muscle Ups

16 1 Plate Deficit HSPUs (45/25)

12 Deadlifts (365/275)

6 Bar Muscle Ups

18 HSPUs

25:00 CAP

*Please scale accordingly. Lifts should be heavy but not impossible. Scale handstand push ups to deficit push ups.

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