Deadlift | WOD 7.26.18


Tomorrow (Friday) we will hold a special workout in honor of Martha before she heads off to Madison, WI to compete at the CrossFit Games. After the 4:45pm class we will have a cookout. So bring some food and drinks as we send her off in style!


Why Aren’t You Sleeping Well? – OPEX Fitness


4 – 4 – 4

Post load to comments.


15 minutes not for rounds:

50m/arm Single Arm Farmer’s Carry
10-20 second Ring Support
10/arm Single Arm Bent Over Row
10 Alternating Shoulder Taps, 2 second hold with hand on shoulder
Focus on quality of movement today. For the Farmer’s Carry pick a load that is challenging but allows you to stay upright and square with your torso for the full 50 meters. If the Ring Support is still a work in progress, substitute a support between two boxes or benches with minimal support from your feet.

1 thought on “Deadlift | WOD 7.26.18

  1. 165-175-185# DL
    45# kb carry, :20 bike sprint for ring support, 30# db rows

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