Split Squat | WOD 8.13.18


Three sets:

Rear Foot Elevated DB Split Squat@2020 tempo; 6-8 reps per leg
Rest 1 minute
Chin-up; 4-6 reps
Rest 1 minute
Side Plank; 20-30 seconds per side
Rest 1 minute

Try to go a little heavier than last week on the DB RFESS. Add weight to the chin-ups if 4-6 is no problem. If you are using a band, use the thinnest band that allows you to perform 4-6 reps.

Post loads to comments.


4 sets, every 6 minutes:

30 Wallball, 20/14#
600m Run

Post times and Rx to comments.

2 thoughts on “Split Squat | WOD 8.13.18

  1. 4:26 and 4:45 rx

  2. 35# DBs
    4 chin ups
    :30 side planks

    3:27, 3:31, 3:32, 3:32 (400m runs)

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