Handstand Practice | WOD 10.2.18


Handstand and Handstand Walk

Take a look at this video to get some advice on where to start. Today we’ll take 12-15 minutes trying to get comfortable being inverted and moving toward the goal of walking on your hands.


For time:

500m Row
40 Box Jumps 24/20″
30 Kettlebell Swings, 32/24kg
20 Burpees
10 Bar Muscle-ups

Sub jumping bar muscle-ups or CTB pull-ups for the BMU.

Post time and Rx to comments.


4 thoughts on “Handstand Practice | WOD 10.2.18

  1. 8:58 (step ups, 35# kb, regular pull ups)

  2. Got some handstand walk 🙌🏻
    10:45 (45# Russian KB, 5 bar muscle ups, 5 C2B)

  3. 9:31

    45# KBS
    Pull ups

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