Fall 2019 CrossFit Open Information

The Open is going to start officially on October 10th and wanted to share information so everyone knows about our plans.

Why Do the Open? The Open is a great benchmark for yourself. No matter where you are in your training, it sets a standard for you to achieve every year. Combined with the added fun of a friendly competition environment, you will really enjoy it as something to train for and something to use to see your progress over time. It’s really mostly a competition with yourself and trying to be the best you can be.

Sign Up: https://games.crossfit.com/register/open

Times: The Open will be held on Friday afternoons starting at 4:30PM. Time slots and heat lengths will be decided once the open is announced (typically on Wednesdays) based on the equipment and length of the workouts.

Class Format Changes: Our Friday afternoon classes will become dedicated to the open, so we will have warmups programmed and athletes are responsible for warming up on their own. We will not be coaching the movements in a standard class format, but we will have trainers around to help if you have questions.

Class Registration: You will be required to pre-register for the Open time slots for the Friday afternoon classes. If you are not registered for the Open, that is no problem, but you will still have to pre-register. We will just let you workout in the heat you registered for without a judge.

Judging: If you are competing in the Open, we will ask you to judge, so please plan accordingly. We will go over judging standards before each heat.

Drop Ins: Drop ins are welcome during our scheduled time slots, and participants must register just like regular gym members. Our drop in fee is $20 per drop in.

Schedule Conflicts: We will not have any other scheduled times for the Open, so if you need to find a judge and do it on your own, you are welcome to during regular class times.

P.S.: Join our private facebook group for more info!

Learn morehttps://open.crossfit.com/english

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